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Country: USA Rating: 100

Author of this Review: kyle

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Comment by:

El CrItiKO

-----   Posted by El CrItiKO on August, 13 , 2009      

la mejor Actriz que ha caracterizado a La Mujer Marvilla(Wonder Woman), sencillamente la mejor.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by hellboy on May, 22 , 2009      

Christina you really rock in all your items!!
  I am really impressed by your performance and i love to see u in more videos please..

Comment by:


-----   Posted by edwin on April, 11 , 2009      

Christina you are outrageously sexy. Your face is gorgeous, your body is amazing and perfect, and your mind is beautiful. Dont change a thing! I love to see you aroused in bondage or excited by a spanking (though Id rather be doing it to you myself), especially in a garter belt or girdle and stockings. Keep doing what you love because I love what you do!

Comment by:


-----   Posted by halconreal on April, 08 , 2009      

Es la mas hermosa dama de bondage que he visto en toda mi vida... y ha poblado mis fantasias mas perversas desde hace años...

Comment by:


-----   Posted by mike on March, 24 , 2009      

The first time I saw you, Christina Carter, was in a tickle torture video on Tickle Central. Im DYING to see you in another, updated, tickle torture video. Soooooooo sexy.....

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Ribond on March, 22 , 2009      

Es muy bonita...besitos de Ricardo de Lima

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Jimbo on February, 18 , 2009      

Does not seem to be serious about her web site last journal entry 5/08
  Her images at BondageCafe are much better.
  Do not get me wrong here I search for her all the time
  Just feel that with the fan base she has her web site could be a lil better.

Comment by:

Dr. Sado

-----   Posted by Dr. Sado on January, 03 , 2009      

My dear wife caught me checking out pics from one of your bondage shoots--limbs extended wide--obviously after a full frontal whipping session. She was NOT impressed...LOL! But I sure the hell was!!!

Comment by:


-----   Posted by ianrush on December, 25 , 2008      

Christina Carter, you are really the sexiest and horniest girl, I hope I can meet her and showing my skill to her body, I like her scream with bad words that spill from her mouth,Yes Christina, you are incredible girl and the strongest girl to face the pain, be stronger you will never loose......

Comment by:


-----   Posted by watenobie on December, 23 , 2008      

She is the most exciting and beautifyl model I have seen yet. I especially appreciate that she seems to enjoy her job. Keep up the wonderful work.

Comment by:

Sir Wallter

-----   Posted by Sir Wallter on December, 09 , 2008      

Please let Me respectfully submit ...
  JB was one of the first people to bind and photograph Christina Carter before she chose her modeling name.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by logan on August, 13 , 2008      

i want to chloroform, tie, carry and fuck chris carter

Comment by:

axel f

-----   Posted by axel f on August, 12 , 2008      

hi christina
  i like it to see when you in heels get chloroformed and then carried over the shoulder. im a fan from germany. maybe you come to frankfurt on main please

Comment by:


-----   Posted by MrRansom on July, 16 , 2008      

sexyyyyyyyy i love you baby

Comment by:


-----   Posted by metalled on June, 22 , 2008      

i like her very much, i love all her videos and photos.
  she looks so wonderfull
  i give 10 points

Comment by:


-----   Posted by hOThEaD on June, 03 , 2008      

i am very much fond of christina ill like to fuck her with her hands tied behind and silk scarve blindfolded with latex all over her body..

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Walter on May, 25 , 2008      

Christina Carter is trully THE BEST and GORGEOUS bondage model all over the world.
  Im a big fan of Christina and always recovering the material from her from every site.
  Best wishes for this wonderfull woman an I hope to keep her on the net for a long long time.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Andrew. on May, 22 , 2008      

Just waqnted to come and check out your site, now you are no longer on face book. Love all your wonderfull photos.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Randy on April, 29 , 2008      

All those women who claim to be "beautiful" need to compare and contrast their appearance with Christinas. Even while swollen from sickness, and soaking wet from water bondage, Christina should be the dictionary reference for the word beautiful. In a gangbang, Id be happy if I could merely tickle her kneecap.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Lindy on April, 21 , 2008      

Darlin, you are absolutely drop-dead beautiful. Thank you for baring yourself to us. Jerry

Comment by:


-----   Posted by vipul on April, 16 , 2008      

awesome babe........hottest bondage model ever seen......

Comment by:

Chrisina Carter

-----   Posted by Chrisina Carter on February, 27 , 2008      

Wow! I have to say I am thankful for all the great comments...seeing that these photos arent my greatest. They are all from the year I was really sick and swelled like a I hope you have all seen the new stuff.
  I love you all!!

Comment by:


-----   Posted by ideal_tensioer on February, 19 , 2008      

Christina is magnificen! Beautiful in every way possible, and a wonderful actress to boot. Id crawl naked over two miles of broken glass just for the chance to smell the hubcaps of the laundry truck that carries her underwear. Id also buy her a drink in half a eartbeat. trolling4nice1 at the Y!

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Steve on February, 15 , 2008      

It takes needles torture for Christina ;)

Comment by:

ian adri

-----   Posted by ian adri on February, 08 , 2008      

you are the most and sexiest lady, you are so excited in bondage I can see in your eyes, I will never regret to vote you, ok chris keep going strong, I hope I can meet you one day. bye

Comment by:


-----   Posted by Shamu on January, 23 , 2008      

I met her at FetishCon in Florida. Shes very cool and down to earth. She was taking pictures with fans. She looks even hotter in person than in pictures and video.

Comment by:


-----   Posted by black_eagle220 on January, 22 , 2008      

best and beauty bondage model ,,,,,i love you

Comment by:


-----   Posted by black_eagle220 on January, 22 , 2008      

best bondage model and very hot woman

Comment by:


-----   Posted by chris on December, 11 , 2007      

sexy big boobs girl! superb!
  would like to bind her!

Comment by:


-----   Posted by ropedgroin on October, 09 , 2007      

christine is a gorgeous babe. has tiniest vagz, babysoft armpits, shappy thighs. pretty expressive face too. am eagar to watch her ailmentful struggles.. keep posting guyz..

Comment by:


-----   Posted by phantom_of_the_roper on May, 12 , 2007      

Without a doubt, one of the best bondage models ever!

Comment by:


-----   Posted by luyul on March, 29 , 2007      

looks buxom and sexy

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